The club facilities are leased from EDF on land between Combwich Laboratory and the River Parrett. There is a clubhouse with showers and toilet facilities, a workshop, a storage shed and boat and car parking space.

Combwich Cruising Club was formed in 1966 with moorings and mud berths in the Pill at Combwich. The Pill had been used for centuries as a local berth for ships coming up the River Parrett to and from Bridgwater.

 Our History

The old Pill

The old Pill

Building the Quay

Hinkley Point Sailing Club originated in 1965 when members built the original slipway to the River Parrett on the site adjacent to the Combwich Laboratory. Subsequently members erected the present clubhouse, the pontoon in Combwich Pill and the second slipway into the corner of the dock. The club was reformed as the Parrett Boat Club in 1998.


From the cover of Country Life 1971:

 In 1974 Geof Davis brought the gaff cutter TEMEGANI (above) to Combwich by road from Beer and put her in the Pill. About 8 years later she was found to be in a bad state of repair so was taken from the water and moved to Bill Johnson's for a complete rebuild. This took about three years and involved about 7000 copper nails! A 1.5L BMC inboard engine was also fitted. She was relaunched and Geoff sailed her around the Bristol Channel for about 5 years until he died suddenly in about 1996. Temegani was sold to a German engineer living in Barry and was last seen at the Festival of the sea in Bristol. Her current whereabouts are unknown


The Pill today

In 2005 the Combwich Cruising Club merged with The Parrett Boat Club (formerly The Hinkley Point Sailing Club) to form the Combwich Motor Boat and Sailing Club.

In 2019 the club changed its name to 'Combwich Boat Club' to relect better all the varied boating activities.